This is a journal of images by California photographer Skip Moss. The places, people, and events caught through my lens. Photographs of the Central Coast and mountains of California, the landscapes of the Western U.S. and travels abroad.
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All images © 2013 and beyond, Skip Moss.


Rain, Finally Rain

California, specifically the Central Coast of California, finally received some long awaited Pacific storms November 28th and 29th.
Waiting and watching at the shore is always a great time.
Hoping for more as the season gets started.

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The Evening between storms, Moonstone Beach

Evening Cloudbreak

Incoming rain bands, mid-morning.

Passing shadows at Santa Rosa Creek, Cambria

 Gulls fly on a 30 knot wind pushing the squalls

High tides and a large swell North of Moonstone Beach.


The Visual Beauty of Autumn in the Mountains

“He found himself wondering at times, especially in the autumn, about the wild lands, and strange visions of mountains that he had never seen came into his dreams.” 

― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring

“Autumn is an interesting season, even in the metaphor of life, is a time of decline, of loss, but also intense and haunting beauty.
Some places, like some people, never are, or have been, as beautiful in their fall.” 
― Luigina Sgarro

Three weeks to regenerate, three weeks to celebrate entering my seventh decade, to enjoy the explosion of color and cool crisp air and longer evenings with my sweetie and good friends in the high places of the West, three weeks to understand the recent passage of my parents, three weeks that ended perfectly with the first snows of Winter.

This post is extensive, overfilled with images, but that is how my life feels right now, full. In a good way.

Take time away from the daily disturbances to enjoy the beauty that is Fall in our western states.

- Skip

PS. These are not "retouched", the colors are truly real.

Mt. Sneffels Range, Colorado.

Sunrise on Blue Mesa, Gunnison County, Colorado.

Telluride Valley, San Juan Mountains, Colorado.

Cottonwoods, Gunnison River, Colorado.

Uncompaghre Peak from Slumgullion Pass.

The red aspens are all one organism, Lake City, Colorado.

The tapestry of aspens and firs, Mineral County, Colorado.


You have to get there first, Highway 70, Utah.

I'm a bit obsessed with unexplainable fence lines, Utah.

Book Cliff Motel, Green River, Utah.

The Original Highway 395 Store, Bishop, California.
If this dining room could only share the stories of its history.
Rowing across a palette of blue and yellow.
The gifts of the season, Rainbow, Brook, Cuthroat.

Awaiting winters cold.

Deep in the forest the light turns yellow.

 A Blend of Fall and Monet. 

"Simplify, simplify" - Henry David Thoreau

San Juan Range, Colorado.

The original "Palouse" horse of the Nez Perce, Appaloosa,  Dallas Creek, Colorado.

Wright's Hall, Ouray, Colorado.

The Elk, BPOE 492.

The last of the Aspen leaves, the first snows of October.

Changing Seasons, San Juan Mountains.

Catholic Church Garden, Ouray.

I took this image the day Christine Blasey Ford testified.

Above Kane Creek, Utah.

Remnants of Hurricane Rosa.

6:45 AM, Kane Creek Utah. Time to go.

30 minutes later, above the Colorado River, Moab.
Mare's Tails, Highway 50 Nevada.

An RV Headed West, Nevada.

All original color and contrast, I wasn't sure it was real.

Great Basin, Nevada.

Wind Farming Central Nevada.

One of nine basins across Central Nevada.

All Shadow and light, Great Basin, Nevada.

First Snows in the Eastern Sierra.

October snows will be followed by Indian Summer, Tioga Pass.

The High Sierra above Tenaya Lake, Yosemite National Park.


The Dog Days are Over

August, hazy flat light, heat, road time. Across the San Joaquin, Lost Hills, Bakersfield, Tehachapi, Highway 395. Trying to escape the last of the summer travelers and get into the mountains again.
"The dog days are over,
   the dog days are done,
   the horses are coming, so you better run" - Florence and the Machine.
Looking forward to the horses of Fall.

It's a Wonderful place

Three across

Lost Hills

Fields of West Bakersfield

Keeping us from jumping into the trees

Home on the range

Underpass, Highway 99

Western Slope, Highway 58




We live on the top of the hill.

Smoke can make for some great lighting

Mt. Williamson evening

Onion Valley

Another Forest Service campsite

Wetlands along a high creek

This just feels like summertime

Rock Creek

Dog daze

Cooper too

Little Lakes Basin

Morning in the meadow

Homeward bound, smoke lingering in Estero Bay

lives on the Central Coast of California. These photographs are an attempt to share the story of a place, a person, a moment as it happens. Sit back, take a deep breath, and spend some time enjoying the images.