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The Distribution of Your Donations in Nepal

Chandra Gurung, our trekking guide in Nepal, was able to organize all of the funds we collected into school supplies for his village school district. We collected nearly $2500 since the March 1st. slideshow at Hearst Theater. I sent the money to him through Western Union, and when he was finished with his Spring Trekking Season he bought and delivered the materials for the students.
This morning he sent us his photographs from the celebration that happened at the school in Setung, Chalise, Dhading District.
Nancy and I want to thank each and every one of you who opened your hearts and wallets for these kids. We are both humbled by your generosity, and happy that we could make a contribution.
As you will see, Chandra's photographs are full of joy and excitement. The villagers had a big festival.
The banner shows our names, but the truth is every persons name who donated is on there too.


  1. Skip: Mark Skinner sent me this blog. I admire your effort to help the other side of the world.

    Apivatana Siribohdi

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  3. I am glad to hearing that, you have been helping for school children through Mr. Chandra. The helpless children of Nepal will have chance to keep on their education for bright future by your great contribution. They will be leading in right way which able to change their life and whole society of Nepal. Again thank you very much for your Kind heart. We are Responsible Trekking Tour Company base in Nepal, specialize for Trekking , Tour Travel in Nepal, Nepal Hiking and others Outdoor Activities including, Peak Climbing, Expedition, Adventure Trekking, Rafting, Tibet and Bhutan Tour by Ecologically, Culturally and Socio- economically way", throughout life time experience professional Sherpa Guide, porter and other staff.


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