This is a journal of images by California photographer Skip Moss. The places, people, and events caught through my lens. Photographs of the Central Coast and mountains of California, the landscapes of the Western U.S. and travels abroad.
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All images © 2013 and beyond, Skip Moss.


The Hills in Late May

The hillsides are changing from green to yellow, and a late May storm front made for some nice clouds and special evening light.

Storm Front, Highway 46

Grey Pines, Santa Rosa Creek Road

Santa Rosa Creek from Cypress Mountain Road


Postcards from the Edge, Vicente Flats Trail

Another gorgeous day in paradise. Hiking the Vicente Flats Trail Below Cone Peak on the Southern Big Sur coast. Click on the images to see them larger on your full screen browser.
Early morning along the coast

Fiddlenecks, Monkey Flower, Lupines

The view to the South
Technicolor wildflowers

Hare Creek in Vicente Flats

Coast Redwoods along the creek

Details in Hare Creek

She's all mine

Charred window in an old stump
Grasses and burned bark

Smile Phil


Running through the big trees

The Vicente Trail


Fiddleneck blossom

Dandelion mandala

"Did you get any wild strawberries?"

Creek details

Cone Peak


Evening at San Simeon Cove

A quiet evening at the San Simeon Cove

Mooring in the Calm of the Bay

San Simeon Point

San Simeon Pier

Last Light Through the Pier


Salmon Creek Trail

I had a chance to hike up the Salmon and Spruce Creek drainages in Big Sur. Lots of flowers, plenty of water, wasps in my ear, and on the way home Tika spotted a scruffy dog riding in style.

Above Spruce Camp

Fairy Lanterns

Looking through the Water


Spruce Creek

Even the Poison Oak looks good

Dutra Saddle

Everyone on the Spruce Creek trail know this tree

Indian Paintbrush and Ferns


Centipede, leaves

Clear Pool

Petals that look like paper

Who's that dog?


Yes, Yosemite Images

Spent two days roaming through Yosemite N.P. taking "Touristy" photos.
Despite the people, the cars, the hum and rattle in the park, the beauty still is there.

Merced River 

Yosemite Falls
Half Dome from the Four Mile Trail
The Yosemite High Country from Glacier Point
Wapama Falls, Hetch Hetchy

Hetch Hetchy Dam

On its way to San Francisco

Hetch Hetchy Reservoir

Merced Beach

Dogwood Bloom

Who built this wall, and when?


Twilight Glow

lives on the Central Coast of California. These photographs are an attempt to share the story of a place, a person, a moment as it happens. Sit back, take a deep breath, and spend some time enjoying the images.