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Nepal Part 2, The People

In my previous post I mentioned that I was mesmerized by the people of Nepal. A diverse cultural mix that came originally from Mongolia, Tibet, China, Asia, Pakistan, India, and other more distant regions. An extremely giving society, they are a majority Hindu and Buddhist. The villagers in the high valleys we walked through from Manaslu to the Annapurna circuit were Buddhist, and the lower villages and towns a mix, even on an individual basis.
These photographs are my attempt to relay the happiness, strength, and beauty of all the people we met and who shared our journey.

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Collecting Water, Machakhola
Carrying Rice, Bahumdanda

The Wheat Harvest, Lho
Sometimes a four day walk home for the annual Dashain Festival

Amaryinth Cutting
Making Gravel

Collecting Grasses on the Edge

Monks at Mu Gompa, Tsum Valley

Late for Morning Prayers, Mu Gompa

Yes, probably about 150 pounds

86 Years Old, 50 lbs, up a steep stone staircase, Bahumdanda

30 Kilos of rice on a bundle of wheat

Hauling rocks for a new house

Sorting and Sifting, High in the Tsum Valley

Karna Rana, the businessman in Kathmandu

The team, top of Larkya Pass, 17,100ft.

Our guide Chandra Gurung tying prayer flags on the pass.

Dill and Aishing, two of our porters who carried double packs every day.

Hari, our third porter.

With his load.

The Girls with blessings, Megan, Nancy, and Donette. Kathmandu bus station.

Mark and the daily ritual, packing the TP in the day bag. Don't go ANYWHERE without it. 

No stress here, Ray enjoying a break.
Some of the women who fed and sheltered us and we met along the way:

Thulu Dungha



She had a bad eye infection that we tried to help with medicines.

Dorje Lama, just a sweetheart, Chekhampara, Tsum Valley

Merchant in the Kathmandu market

Arughat Bazaar

Soti Khola


Hacky Sack with what you have available

 The Youth:

The Men:

He's everywhere

 A Hindu Sadhu at Pashupatinath, the last 38 years in one place.

Circling Boudhanath Temple

Pushapatinath Cremation Temple, Kathmandu

A woman washes her face as a loved one awaits the next life.

Men clean wash the ashes from a pyre.

They loved to see the images on the screen.

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