This is a journal of images by California photographer Skip Moss. The places, people, and events caught through my lens. Photographs of the Central Coast and mountains of California, the landscapes of the Western U.S. and travels abroad.
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Big Pine Creek, Eastern Sierra

These are some images from a recent four day backpack trip on the Southern Fork of Big Pine Creek on the East side of the Sierra.  The trail started at 7400 ft, camp was 11,200 ft . The Owens Valley to the East was 104 degrees, and we saw thunder and hail, a few downpours, bright sunshine, and still nights. Middle Palisades and Norman Clyde Peaks stood above at just a tad over 14,000 ft.
Unknowingly we were celebrating the 10 year anniversary of Galen and Barbara Rowell's passing on August 11th. We could only pretend to live the life they shared through their photographs. These images are in gratitude for their inspiration.

High Sierra Sunrise

Finger Lake

East Face of Middle Palisades and Glacier

Sunrise on Middle Palisades and Norman Clyde Peak

Granite outcropping
Coffee Talk at 11,000 feet
Sunset on the Thumb

The Terminal Moraine

Moraine Lake

Finger Lake Reflection

Trail to Brainerd Lake

The Palisades Crest behind Finger Lake 

Whitebark Pine roots growing around granite boulders

Summer storm clouds lift above Southfork Pass

Perched above the Lichens

Long Look into Owens Valley

Light and shadows

Panorama of the South Big Pine Creek Trail and the Palisades Crest

Headwaters,  South Fork of Big Pine Creek
Sunset over Owens Valley and White Mountain


  1. Skip these are incredible again. Love the granite outcrop, reflections and the clarity makes me breathe easier. I feel like I am in that pristine, quiet place.

    Thanks doing all the hard work for us!

  2. Love all of these Skip!! Marshall and I haven't been over there for quite a while, and oh my, that you were there on the 10th Anniversary of a very sad event! My favorites above are Long Look..., Finger Lake..(which would make a nice B&W too), and Sunset over Owens Valley. But all of them are great! We often watch a sunset from here in Clovis and wonder if you are seeing the same clouds as us or that possible? Marshall and I were up in Shaver Lake, Bass Lake, and Huntington this weekend, but not for photography, and fortunately did not see anything we couldn't live without! Lynn & Marshall

  3. So fun to look at your pictures and remember the fun times! Too bad it was a rather rainy outing, but you still managed to get great shots.


lives on the Central Coast of California. These photographs are an attempt to share the story of a place, a person, a moment as it happens. Sit back, take a deep breath, and spend some time enjoying the images.