This is a journal of images by California photographer Skip Moss. The places, people, and events caught through my lens. Photographs of the Central Coast and mountains of California, the landscapes of the Western U.S. and travels abroad.
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All images © 2013 and beyond, Skip Moss.


The First Days of May in the Eastern Sierra

The first days of May in the Eastern Sierra were blanketed by light snows and gorgeous clouds.
Four days hiking, skiing, and camping in the Owens Valley below the Eastern Sierra escarpment. Spring has come to the valley floor but the higher peaks are still in Winter.
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Mt. Williamson from Owens Valley

Lone Pine Peak 

Sierra Crest above Sherwin Grade

Mt. Whitney from the Alabama Hills

Full Spring Bloom on a Cactus while Winter lingers in the High Country

Spring melt pond on Rock Creek

An 80 year Hindu ashram hidden in a high valley.

A lone rocking chair moves with the wind enjoying a view of the Owens Valley below

The view of Owens Valley

The Tuttle Creek Ashram set below thousand foot cliffs

lives on the Central Coast of California. These photographs are an attempt to share the story of a place, a person, a moment as it happens. Sit back, take a deep breath, and spend some time enjoying the images.